Great writers read…


I’m by no means counting myself among the number of those great writers, but I do aspire to reach as close as I can to that level of skill. One thing great writers do a lot is to read. It improves technique, gives you a feel for different styles – whether they work or not – and broadens your knowledge beyond what you have personally experienced. More importantly, it’s a lot of fun.

I’ve recently moved house, so I decided today that I would sign up to the local library. Of course, then I realised that the bigger one in a town I visit at least weekly is run by a different council… so of course I signed up for that, too. I’ve also finally got around to replacing my loyalty card for my favourite chain bookshop.

Of course, November is coming up, so I should be getting all these things sorted just in time to not get chance to read for a month, but I regret nothing. Libraries, especially, offer a great service – all those books, and nothing to pay! – and I can’t wait to find out what’s on all those shelves.


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