Fictional history


Hello, dear blog readers. Today’s is actually going to be a really short entry (I know I always say that and then ramble on forever) because I’m trying to figure out a timeline for my NaNo novel’s historical context. Basically, I know pretty much what’s going on in the ‘present day’ part of my novel (actually set in the future) and only have a vague idea of how the relevant events in the ‘past’ part (also in the future) panned out. So I need to suss that. It wouldn’t be such a big deal that I’m a bit vague, except that I have a couple of research-specialist characters in the novel whose job it is to know all this stuff – and if I don’t, they can’t.

If it comes to it, I can see what happens as I go along in November, but I’d rather have some clue when I go into it! So I’m off to wrestle with fictional goodies, baddies, and in-betweenies (mostly in-betweenies, to be honest), and I’ll wish you all happy reading and/or writing tonight! Talk to you tomorrow.


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