Come the revolution…


Last night’s planning went well once I got started – I’m planning a revolution (fictional, of course, though I neglected to mention that to a friend until I’d been talking to her about it for five minutes and she was a little unnerved by complaints like ‘I just can’t work out when the government should actually topple’) which will be taking place in the reader’s future but most of the characters’ pasts.

As previously mentioned, some of my characters are researchers by trade, so I need to know what they need to know, preferably before November starts. I am prepared to wing it if necessary, but for once I actually wanted to have a go at working it all out. I decided to lay it out a bit like I would have laid out History notes at school, and took some of the structure of the revolution from the so-called ‘Arab Spring’ (as it’s recent enough – if indeed it’s really finished – for me to be fairly certain of the minute developments).

I may have got a little carried away...

I may have got a little carried away…

I don’t think I ever made this many notes on anything at school, or indeed in the course of my degree (which was a little more project-based, I’ll admit). And – although I appear to have written the wrong month in on one of those dates – this is really just the prelude to, and the first week of, the revolution. There are another 8 years or so of relevant history, though it will get less detailed and more about just highlighting important events as I go through.

There’s no big lesson here, which I’m sure you’ll be relieved to hear, just a bit of an update on what I’m up to. Now I’m off to do a bit more – maybe I can make it to August, at least… Talk to you tomorrow!

Note: The blurring in the image above is to limit spoilers – do not adjust your set!


8 thoughts on “Come the revolution…

  1. Ack, I fail when it comes to planning. I also end off ignoring everything I wrote down or finding the planning phase completely kills my desire to write the story. I’m always impressed by those who can plan though, and I’ve have similar conversations where someone I’ve been speaking to is completely at a loss as to what I’m talking about because I’ve gone into writer mode.


    • Who knows if I’ll end up sticking to it, but for once I am giving it a good go. I usually wouldn’t bother with blocking it out in this much detail, but I need to be able to refer to specific parts of this ‘historical’ narrative in no particular order for the main story, which is easier if you have it set out in your head to start with. I’m trying to consider it as a separate story of its own, in the hope that I won’t get bored!


      • I know what you mean about historical narrative. I’m writing high fantasy set twenty-five years after the throne has been usurped. There are numerous rebel groups (because I wanted to make things complicated) all of which have differing objectives and numerous ‘races’ that I’m trying to create history and culture for. Luckily I’ve spent the last eight years playing around with ideas for this story.


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