Breaking my resolution


Don’t worry – it’s in a good way. Well, sort of. I had promised myself I wouldn’t write any more of The Perfect Garden until I knew the first book was staying the way it was, and NaNo was over. Well, NaNo hasn’t started yet, and ‘re-reading’ what I have so far of the second book has led to me writing 2000-odd words on the end of what I already had. I regret very little.

The second book, as it stands at the moment, is set 4 years after the first, so there are all sorts of new things going on, which is fun to write. The only possible catch here is that I’ve fallen right back in love with the The Perfect Garden world, and I’m going to be setting it aside for the duration of November (unless I finish my horror ludicrously early and don’t decide to do something else).

Anyway, my sister’s jet-lagged and has just gone to bed, so I’m going to head up too so I don’t disturb her when I go. Talk to you tomorrow!


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