Communication is key


It may seem obvious, but it’s important to communicate. I bring this up mostly because it’s something I could do with remembering in my real life, but it applies to writing too.

For one thing, you need to communicate clearly with your reader, making sure they know what’s going on (unless, of course, keeping them in the dark is the point) and how your characters feel about it.

But communication between characters can be an important tool, too – whether it’s there or not. If your characters communicate with one another well, it can show good relationships or at least a working level of comfort with one another, and it can help them solve problems faster. Bad communication between characters, however, can create problems and underline bad relationships – all the fun things that can sometimes make good plot points.

Anyway, that’s my input for today (well, yesterday – I’m running late again), so I’ll be back tomorrow.


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