Points of View


My writing group have been chatting about where we put chapter breaks (and when) today, and it occurred to me that in The Perfect Garden, things broke quite naturally into short point-of-view segments. For this year’s horror NaNo, I’m not sure how many of my characters I’ll be writing POVs of – I doubt it’ll be all eight members of the paranormal investigation team, somehow.

I’m wondering, actually, if fewer points of view might be more, in a horror context. The unknown is terrifying, after all, and the fewer perspectives you have, the less you know. That said, the team are going to be spread out a bit, so I don’t want readers to miss out on the action! Having said that, there are two camera operators in the team, so they might be the most appropriate…

Anyway, just some musings. Talk to you tomorrow – maybe I’ll even write you something fictional if I’m not too worn out from yet another meeting! Take care until then…


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