A bit of a tease…


Alright, so I had to call in sick for everything today (and may have to tomorrow), so I haven’t got much done apart from finding a quick convert-to-epub tool on the internet and sticking my current draft of The Perfect Garden onto my Kobo (which I might have got just a little bit overexcited about). Apologies for anyone who was hoping for an insightful blog post or some short fiction.

However, to make up for it, I’ll give you a peek at one of the many projects I’m working on – I’m not telling you any more than that, I’m afraid, but at least it’s something to read while I’m out of action.

Now, as he came round gradually, he became aware of the fact that he was lying on a cold, hard floor, harsh light streaming through a window somewhere he couldn’t see without opening his eyes – which he had no intention of doing – and that there was someone else nearby somewhere. He was also dimly conscious of the fact that he appeared to be spinning. Or perhaps the room was spinning. At any rate, there was a distinctly… spinning… sensation going on. He supposed he should probably open his eyes and check that he hadn’t been strapped to one of those wheels knife-throwers sometimes tied their assistants to. If he had been, the knife-thrower wasn’t very good, judging by the throbbing pain in his head. Yes, he should probably open his eyes and just make sure that he was alive. Any moment now.

Anyway, I hope you’re intrigued – guesses as to what on earth has happened are welcome in the comments, though I don’t promise to give any straight answers – and that you don’t mind this total letdown of a blog post for tonight. I hope to be feeling better and back to proper blogging tomorrow!


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