Sleep is for the week (apparently)


No, that’s not a hideous typo – I’ve been asleep, more or less, since Tuesday. My waking moments have more or less been spent feeling grotty, trying to remember the last time I had a painkiller, and updating this blog, so feel honoured. Oddly enough, I’m still tired, but the bags under my eyes have disappeared so it’s not all bad.

Anyway, fascinated though I’m sure you all are by this little update, I’ve little more to offer. I have been reading through The Perfect Garden on my eReader – while I can keep my eyes open – and adding a lot of notes for corrections and improvements. I’ve found the change of format has really helped me to see it with new eyes, although since I’ve been ill all week I may have just been typing gibberish for all I know!

Hopefully I’ll be better soon and able to talk about something more interesting… I’ll be back tomorrow with a blog post no matter what!


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