NaNoWriMo – Day Two


It’s day two of NaNo, and today’s target is 3333 words in total, which I passed yesterday just after lunch because of this ridiculous challenge I took on. Today, I wrote literally all day (from about 12pm, when I decided to risk waking my exhausted sister by typing in bed and managed to pull off the stealth-writing) and it’s paid off. Admittedly at times it was like trying to wade through treacle – you try bashing out a thousand words or so while the rest of your family laugh at McBusted falling through holes – but I got a lot done today. Specifically, I’ve written 6315 words (which I think is my all-time record for one day) and brought my overall total to 11477.

That friend who bet me I couldn’t hit 50k in ten days had better hang onto his wallet… Now here’s hoping I can keep it up through a number of busy-ish days.

Oh, and because I don’t have much else to say today, have a short extract:

Maya kept her camera pointed squarely at the one Steph had set up as it flashed once more and stopped. Through the viewfinder, she could see all three of her companions standing around, looking surprised.

Kristian was eyeing the camera warily, Rahim looking slightly abashed as he realised blaming Kristian might not always be the obvious solution it seemed to be. Tina sighed.

“Kris, looks like you’re off the hook. Don’t look so scared, isn’t this what we’re here for? It’d be a pretty boring investigation if nothing happened at all.”

“Yeah.” Kristian pulled himself together with an effort, his Finnish accent more prominent than usual as he concentrated on recovering his nerve. “Yeah, you’re right, of course. To those of you watching at home, that wasn’t me setting the camera off. I think we were probably all in shot except Maya, and you could see the camera, so you know there’s no trickery involved there. None of us have faked that. We’ll have to wait to see what the camera caught on film, but it’s likely that we’re not alone in this room. Unusual this early in an investigation, I have to say, but not unheard of. Is everyone alright if we, er, try to make contact?”

Intrigued? Me too. I suppose I’ll have to see where it goes tomorrow (though I am a little further on than the above quote). And I’ll be back with another blog post, too. See you then!


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