NaNoWriMo – Day 10

NaNo progress chart

My progress so far!

As you can see above, I’ve been keeping track of my progress so far on my wall chart. You may be able to see purple stickers on the first two days – those denote days when I was on target for my 50k in 10 days goal. As you may have guessed by the fact that it’s day 10 today and no party has been thrown, that didn’t pan out, but that’s OK. It gives me a ridiculous target to try for next year if I so wish. Other than that, green stickers mean I’ve both written 1667 words or over and reached the overall target in the bottom right of the box, and yellow stickers mean I’ve done one or the other. So far all my yellow stickers have been for not reaching my daily 1667, thanks to the head start I got that first weekend. (EDIT: That one black sticker to the right of the box on the 8th? That’s to mark it as a busy day when I was out!)

As for today, I’ve written 1932 words and reached 22616 words total. That’s an average of 2261 words per day, despite the bad ones.

On the subject of things other than NaNo, I’ll soon be receiving the edit notes on one of my anthology submissions for A Pride of Poppies next year and a contract for the other. I’m excited about that, too! Poppies is still accepting submissions until the 1st of December, so if any of you fancy writing for it, do give it a go (details via the link above).

Hopefully I’ll talk to you tomorrow – take care of yourselves until then!


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