NaNoWriMo – Day 11


I’ve written 1733 words today to reach a total of 24349 overall. Honestly, I might have been tempted to push for the extra 700 words to pass the half-way line, but I have a splitting headache and don’t want to push it. Besides, I’ve left off in the middle of some action so it should be a nice easy point to pick up from.

Meanwhile, this is an extract I wrote a few days ago, in case you’re interested:

Steph had rewound several minutes, to the point where Charlie had started recording, and the three of them looked on in silence for a while as nothing much happened. Leigh and Charlie were chatting quietly about the upstairs portion of the building and how strange it always was to stand in a room without a roof, and then suddenly Leigh stopped responding.

“Leigh?” said the Charlie on the tape, “You alright?” Leigh didn’t respond, just drew herself up to her full standing height – which was still rather short, but she managed to look quite imposing anyway – and then a strange voice spoke through her mouth.

“Traitors and ingrates, invaders and fools.” Her finger shot up to point directly at Charlie. “You should not have come here!” The words dripped with menace, low and sinister, and the camera jolted backwards as Charlie stepped back. The shot was hardly steady, but it was clear enough that Leigh was still standing there, frowning and pointing. Charlie seemed to gather hir courage, moving forward again.

“Who are you? What do you want from my friend?” There was no answer, and then Leigh crumpled, her slim frame slumping as she staggered forwards. The camera jolted again as Charlie obviously rushed to catch hir friend, the little screen filled with the image of Leigh’s shoes with their delicate floral motif. “Leigh? Leigh, are you alright?”

“What happened? I fell…”

And, as the action picks up in Cold Light, my other projects are beginning to get a look in, too. I got the first round of edits on Inside back and sorted those out this morning, and once I’d met my word count for NaNo today I took some time to have a look at literary agents for The Perfect Garden (and, presumably, other works at some point). In the past I’ve always been a bit wary of agents, but I honestly can’t work out why that is – I think I had a perception as a child that you had to pay them up front and I’d never quite shaken it (don’t pay agents up front, they shouldn’t ask you to – they work for a percentage, as a rule).

However, I’ve found a couple I hope might be a good match for The Perfect Garden so I think I’ll contact one or two of them soon. I’d like to see where I can get trying to take the traditional publishing route. If it doesn’t work out, I can self-publish, but I’d appreciate the support and experience of a traditional publisher, and it seems like the way to get a publisher’s attention is through your literary agent. This is likely to mean I don’t get to a publisher for some time, but that gives me time to work on the second book! Every cloud has a silver lining, after all.

Wish me luck, and I’ll be back tomorrow.


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