NaNoWriMo – Day 13


Today I have written 1744 words and reached a total of 27124 words. This is pleasing to me, and also a miracle because I’ve been on the verge of falling asleep all day.

Additionally, the Mysterious Tabby who used to come and hang around outside our house all the time and who then didn’t for about three weeks running is back. We had a quick scritch and a cuddle and then came inside because this was ten to midnight and it is cold out there. Still, reassuring to know he didn’t get himself into trouble on the main road or something.

Anyway, yesterday I promised you a new character profile, and today I was chatting to a friend about this character because they accidentally have a few things in common, so let me introduce you to Kristian.



He’s another of the paranormal investigators from Cold Light, and I’m enjoying writing about him and his friends.

Now I must sleep, but do have a look at his profile if you’re interested – I think you’ll have met half the team by then! See you tomorrow.


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