NaNoWriMo – Day 17


Alright, today I got a bit distracted by marathoning a TV series I got way behind on. However, I also managed 1155 words in a 35-minute (ish) Write-or-Die session and my total for today is 1769. My total for the month so far stands at a healthy 32968 words.

I’m also trying to get more involved in the forums, cheering people on and helping first-time NaNo participants in my 3(!) regions to get their heads around the challenge and work through some common problems most of us have encountered at some point while trying to write 1667 words in a day (not giving up when you get behind, keeping faith in your own novel even when it’s boring you, leaving any quibbles for the edit, etc.). I wasn’t really very active in this role last year – I was still trying to get to grips with being part of a writing group myself, and writing my second winning NaNo to boot – but now I’m finding it really rewarding. That probably sounds pretentious, but to be honest, I just like the company. Thanks also to those of you who told me how you were doing in the comments on yesterday’s post – I love hearing about what you’re up to so you need never be shy about commenting here!

Now, I suppose I ought to go and find some surnames for my characters before I forget… See you tomorrow, folks!


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