Good news…


Today, after a couple of days of not touching it, I wrote 12 scenes of the secret project. Don’t get too excited – they’re very short scenes; today’s output totals about 1700 words. Still, it’s good to be making progress again.

Also today, I imported The Cold Light of Day into Scrivener to put it into more manageable chunks. If I split it into chapters, I think I have 22 as it stands (44 point-of-view sections, paired off). I haven’t reread it, just split it up, but it’s a start and as much as I’m prepared to do before letting it go a little colder. I’ll be back to Buds of Spring and its sequel once this screenplay is finished, which should keep me occupied long enough to return to Cold Light sometime in the new year.

And speaking of the new year, I got an email this morning welcoming me aboard with that collaborative world project I was applying for. I’m very excited about it – I’m getting more details soon, and I’ll let you know when things are coming up for release.

So, apart from having the lurg (slightly less than the rest of my family, which means I’m “the healthy one” and therefore feel responsible for them all) things are looking pretty good for me tonight. Talk to you tomorrow!


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