Very little writing today…


…Because the cat spent last night at the vet’s and came back this afternoon, so most of the time since then has been spent giving him smooches and cuddles. He seems a lot perkier now, apparently took a chunk out of a vet nurse (sorry!) and is sporting a simply fabulous leopard-print bandage, so that’s nice to see. Hopefully he’ll continue to feel better as the week goes on!

A quick writing thought, while I’m on the subject: do your characters have pets? Think about their relationships, not only with other members of the same species, but also with animals or other creatures. This is especially true of a reclusive character – you may not be able to show much about their personality if they never interact with other people, but you can see a lot in how they treat their beloved dog. By the same token, an extroverted, popular character may seem like one person on the surface but admit to their true feelings, dreams and insecurities only when they’re alone in their kitchen, opening a can of kibble and talking to their cat.

Animals are important, in real life and fiction. So I’m off to see if ours is still hiding in a paper bag now, and give him some snuggles.


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