I’m back!


Well, after that very long, relaxing break, I’m now back in the writing saddle. I’ve started my first story for Caladria and I’m really enjoying it.

As well as double-checking that I was familiar with the markup for the publication system (I find it easier to make sure I’ve formatted everything by marking it up as I go), I ended up running 3 simultaneous research tabs comprising 8 articles and comparisons of 3 or 4 different religions, all to go towards a 53-word section at the beginning of my story. It’s a religious inscription, and I wanted to have a look at some real-life examples to ensure I’d got it right.

I also spent a fair bit of time familiarising myself with the geography of my story, which meant a lot of playing with the big map of Caladria and also led to me triumphantly shutting my computer down last night without posting this blog entry. So please assume this was written on Boxing Day!

I’ll be back with another update tonight, hopefully, unless I get caught up in all the excitement of family visiting. Talk to you then!


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