Unexpected progress…


Ladies, gentlemen, and others… today I updated a fanfiction for the first time since August. I know, I’m surprised too, especially as I planned to write more for Caladria today. However, I realised I had to put in a research query about a vital point.so I couldn’t keep writing too much further.

Instead, I opened a handful of other projects and found myself writing a fanfic I hadn’t touched in a while. Apparently my block on that one wasn’t as strong as I thought, as I’ve written about a chapter and a half. I’ve done a bit on another of my pet fanfics, too. I hope I can keep updating a bit more regularly now, because we’re not getting any new canon so the fandom’s gone a bit quiet… and I miss getting feedback on my writing!

Anyway, that’s just me babbling on about my fanfic writing, and hopefully I’ll have more original work to report soon. Talk to you tomorrow!


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