Slow and steady…


Today I’ve written very little; perhaps 300 words, split between the second Perfect Garden and a couple of fanfictions I’ve been neglecting. I’m trying not to feel bad about that, though, because I’m still writing, even just a little bit at a time, and keeping the habit going is important. Every little bit of progress is still progress, so I’m just going to keep chipping away as much as I can.

The Caladria story still needs a little bit more information, so that’s probably going to have to wait until everybody’s done with the holidays and can explain a few things I’m still not sure of about this wonderful new world I’m writing in. In the meantime, I’ll continue to explore the map, branching out from the region I’m currently writing in (which I can’t help but think of as my home region at the moment, because it’s the first I’ve played with) to have a look at some far-off settlements and familiarise myself with more of the landscape. Besides, the map is very pretty and I’m really enjoying having a look round to discover the world of Caladria.

Anyway, that’s today’s update – see you tomorrow!


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