Returning to the Garden…


The Perfect Garden, that is. Over the last couple of days, since I’m still stalled on my short story, I’ve been really throwing myself back into the second installment of my series. It took me a while to pick up where I’d left off – before November, and perhaps even earlier than that – but I managed to get through a couple of tricky chapters and onto one that I had a fairly firm grasp of.

Things are going well, at least by word-count standards. I’m keeping a running total of all my words this year (some people in my writing group did it last year and it seemed a good way to keep track of what they’d accomplished) and so far we stand at 3379 – not bad for the third of January, I think! I’ve set myself an informal target of 1000 words each day, just to keep me in the habit of writing daily (though I’ll be doing NaNoWriMo and probably at least one of the Camps NaNoWriMo as usual). I didn’t write anything on New Year’s Day, but yesterday I cranked out 1060 words (over the course of a couple of sprints with my writing group friends) and today I’ve made up for the wasted first day of the year by spinning a further 2319.

Numbers can be boring, of course, so I’ll also mention that I’ve written a little of William, the patriarch of the family, a little from the point of view of his wife, Anne, and am now working on a little glimpse of their daughter Elizabeth’s life. Her brother Robert has got a look in, as well, but his point-of-view section comes next. He’s often an interesting one to write as he tends to surprise me the most with his thoughts and actions. Sometimes I feel like I don’t write these characters at all – I just tease their secrets out of them bit by bit! Whatever it is, I enjoy it a lot.

Anyway, I’ll talk to you tomorrow, having hopefully shaken off my current headache and written some more!


2 thoughts on “Returning to the Garden…

  1. mottyl

    Hello, I have been led to your blog by WriterishRamblings. I am a new blogger so still very clumsy blogwise and writingwise. I have faith that both will become more refined and readable over time. Like WriterishRamblings I will probably end up testing a few different themes before I settle on something. I have been suggesting to a few other bloggers that we should start a chocolate and hot beverage fund for writers. It is not meant to be taken seriously but I still think it is a great idea. I look forward to following your blog.


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