An almighty headache…


Well, today I’ve had a splitting headache and spent most of my time curled up under the duvet feeling sorry for myself. However, I took my laptop under the duvet with me (with the screen set to minimum possible brightness) and got a lot of writing done before I surfaced to get some food inside me. Feeling a little better, I then wrote some more – still focusing on The Perfect Garden: Blooms of Summer.

Total output for today: 1651 words.
Total output for 2015 so far: 5030 words.

I’ve also been looking at all sorts of advice for approaching literary agents – many of which seem to contradict one another, so it’s a good thing most agencies clearly state their submission guidelines on the websites. I also took a quick poll of my writing group about whether it was best to submit a series when only one novel was written, or once it was complete. Again, the answers were a fifty-fifty split. I may give it a go shortly, because I’m proud of The Perfect Garden: Buds of Spring and I love its world, to be honest. I’d like to share that with someone else – even if it’s just one agent who’s interested – as soon as possible.

So, there we go. That’s my day in a nutshell. And now that headache’s threatening again, so I’ll just write a few hundred more words before bed… Talk to you tomorrow!


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