A big step…


Right, first of all, let’s get the word counts out of the way.

Total written today: 2040 words.

2015 total so far: 9337 words.

I haven’t quite made up for the missed or slow days yet, but I have got a lot of my Caladria story done – yes, we’re back in the swing of things now and information is back to being exchanged left, right and centre – and added a few more paragraphs to Blooms of Summer. But that’s not the big step I mentioned in the title.

Today, having finished my synopsis and covering letter (on the advice of a friend from my writing group, the series synopsis is staying with me until such time as it, or a full manuscript, are requested), I queried my first two agents about The Perfect Garden: Buds of Spring. Having spent a lot of time selecting agents I think might be interested in my story, it was a nerve-wracking moment when I actually sent them off. I’m in no particular hurry, at the moment, so I’m going to wait for responses (or lack thereof) from the agents I’ve already queried before I try anyone else.

I’m not going to lie, I’m a bit nervous, but also very excited. It feels as if I’m really working towards becoming an author now, in a way I haven’t since I was fourteen and queried a few publishers directly about a truly atrocious kids’ sci-fi ‘novel’ I’d written (I think it was probably only about 6000 words, and I don’t think it was finished. Luckily, I wasn’t asked for the manuscript by anyone I mentioned my age to, so I never felt like my work had been rejected, which I’m not sure I would have taken well as an insecure teenager. This time, though, I’m ready for rejection. Honestly, I think I’d have a harder time coping with someone accepting me!

That said, I obviously do hope that one of the agents I’ve contacted – or one that I will contact over the coming months – will be interested in The Perfect Garden, which has gone from a story that popped into my head unexpectedly and began to be written on a whim to a true labour of love I’m actually quite proud of.

Please wish me luck, friends! I’ll see you tomorrow (unless family stuff overruns).


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