A last-minute save!



As predicted yesterday, I spent the day largely distracted from writing by spending time with family. My sister and sister-in-law went home at about half past ten, I came up to bed with horrific stomach cramps at about ten to eleven, and now, at twenty-three minutes to midnight, I’ve done all the writing I could fit in today within the space of thirty-three minutes.

Today’s word count: 1114 words.

2015 total so far: 10451 words.

That’s a little above what I wanted for both totals tonight, so I’m quite happy with that. All the words I wrote today are for Blooms of Summer, and I’m reaching one of my crucial plot points again. Partly for that reason, and partly because I really hurt and just want to sleep, I’m leaving it there for tonight. Tomorrow I’d love to try to get as much done as possible. I still need to keep my mind off my submissions, after all – just because there hasn’t been a single working day since I sent it off, that doesn’t mean I can’t worry about it!

Talk to you tomorrow, everybody!


5 thoughts on “A last-minute save!

  1. Thats a good word count for such a small period of time 🙂 pretty good overall as well. Im eager to get to the 10k mark myself. Hopefully in the next couple of days ill get there 🙂 I hope your feeling better soon 🙂


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