The beginning of February


…Well, yesterday I was pretty ill, and got precisely nothing done. So that was a bust. However, I got some edit notes back on my Caladria story to the tune of ‘let’s try a different style’, and since I was feeling better this morning I’ve managed to bash out over a thousand words, with plans to write even more tomorrow (knock on wood). It’s sometimes hard to hear your story needs a total rewrite, but it’s worth listening to your editor. Rewriting in the new style has allowed me to feel – and build – a much stronger connection with my character, and I’m honestly a little embarrassed that I didn’t notice how much that connection was lacking. The new version should be much more engaging for readers, too.

We’re all always learning, and hard as it may be to ‘kill your darlings’ – like my great joke about a talking mule – it’s always worth giving a go. If it’s not right, you can always turn back to your original version (don’t save over anything, ever). But chances are, especially if it’s been suggested by someone with fresh eyes, it’s going to come out a lot better, or fresher. It might even just be because you’ve got the story in place and you have to approach it afresh yourself. It’s done my writing a lot of good in this instance.

Total written today: 1058 words.

February total so far: 1058 words.

2015 total so far: 32430 words.

Talk to you tomorrow!


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