Jin is taking over my life…


Today I have written about 100 words of my Caladria story – just enough to turn my dragon character into (effectively) a big, scaly kitten and hope my editor doesn’t kill me for it – and 900 or so words of Jin. This makes me a bad person with terrible priorities, but at least I’ve been writing. Who knows, maybe this strange little universe I’m creating will make a book one day.

In the meantime, I’m enjoying playing with another new genre – I’ve fallen into writing a sort of dystopia (or maybe a post-dystopia, since things are beginning to look up?), for which I place the blame squarely on the shoulders of my writing-group friends Dominique Goodall and Jennifer Don, who are setting themselves (and any volunteers) a new writing challenge each month on their respective blogs. February’s challenge is ‘dystopia’, and while I had no intention of trying to write for the challenge, with Blooms of Summer still on the go, I appear to have accidentally joined in a bit. Oops! I’m surprisingly not upset about that. Go and check those authors out, by the way – they’re fab.

Total written today: 1009 words.

February total so far: 16540 words.

2015 total so far: 47912 words.

Tomorrow, I don’t know how much writing I’ll get done or what mood I’ll be in after a morning appointment with a new counsellor, but we shall see. I’ll talk to you then!


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