An unexpected diversion…


…I have done no writing today, because I have spent most of the afternoon swimming in circles between desert islands looking for a bucket.

In other words, I have been playing Stranded Deep, which is much less insane than it sounds, but makes the player substantially more insane than actually being stranded probably would. My sister and I have spent four hours looking for a bucket. We need the bucket for water. We could not find a bucket. We were literally screaming ‘bucket’ at each other, and then I found a bucket and immediately got eaten by sharks. My sister had found a bucket moments before, but nearly lost it from laughing so hard at my misery. On the plus side, she’s kindly sharing her save file with me so that I, too, ‘can has bukkit’.

Normal, (relatively) non-insane blogging will resume tomorrow. In the meantime, check out the latest issue of Fab Fables from Caladria, as I have a story in it. It’s a good story (at least, I think so) so check it out.

Talk to you tomorrow!

(Correction: I wrote 27 words I forgot about this morning. Hurrah!)


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