Ups and downs


OK, so my appointment took more out of me than I’d expected this morning. Along with other things going on around here, that’s pretty much drained my energy for writing and such. I got 324 words done today, but I’ll make up for it at some point.

Again, the key thing is to make myself write, at least for now. It’s got to be better than letting myself write nothing at all for weeks on end, but it’s also better than stressing myself out over these targets. I would love to write 365k this year – 1000 a day – but I’m not going to kill myself or make myself miserable trying. I have a tendency to get hung up on targets if I don’t remind myself of that!

Total written today: 324 words.

March total so far: 2100 words.

2015 total so far: 59643 words.


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