Slowing down


So, this month I’m going to aim for 10-12k words, and count anything more than that as a bonus. I’m trying not to over-pressure myself, and I’ve also got some further Caladria commitments coming up, since I’m now going to be editing some stories as well as writing others.

Also, I haven’t got a lot done this month, so the plan is to scale it back, have a bit of a breather, focus on my Caladria things and a few short stories, and then hit Camp NaNoWriMo hard in April, along with some friends from my writing group. I’ve got a story outline kicking around that might be worth pursuing – there’s really no way of knowing for sure until I try it!

And for now, I’m really excited about my latest Caladria story – it’s going to be a bit of a balancing act to keep it in the right genre, potentially, but I’m confident that it’ll pay off in the end. I’m already very attached to my characters for this one, so I hope they can survive all the inevitable peril I’ll be putting them in!

So, here are my word counts for today…

Total written today: 432 words.

March total so far: 7524 words.

2015 total so far: 65067 words.

65k so far this year isn’t too shabby! (Now I just have to remember that…) Talk to you tomorrow!


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