Plans afoot!


Alright, scold me all you want, I’ve written nothing today. However, I spent a very exciting afternoon planning out a big Caladria project with the boss, so that’s brilliant. I’m going to be starting to write that during the summer, but I really can’t wait. It’s going to be really good fun!

I’ve also got some exciting news about Queer Company, where we’re launching¬†A Pride of Poppies – there’s going to be a short Q & A about the anthology and yours truly has somehow found herself on the panel! So that should be fun. Registration is still open until the 3rd of May (or until places run out) so if you have a burning desire to see me in person for some reason, feel free to sign up and come along!

The rest of my time today has been spent sitting in a doctor’s waiting room and then filling in an online application form that didn’t want to accept how long the name of my sixth-form college is, but I feel productive. Calling it a night now(ish) as I have to go and get some blood drawn tomorrow – hopefully – which means getting up early. At least I’m allowed to eat! After that, hopefully I’ll get some writing done.

Talk to you tomorrow!


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