No words today…


Weekends are always a bit hard to fit writing into, so I’m not too worried about my lack of progress today (yesterday, technically). I completely wore myself out running – literally – to the post office to pick up the cat’s Feliway (I don’t usually do product endorsements but if you have an anxious cat this plug-in diffuser works miracles, and fast) before they closed.

I also briefly managed to join a Twitter chat with some of the Poppies authors and publisher Manifold Press. Manifold actually seem quite keen to work with me again, which is great, because I’d love to work with them again!

Tomorrow (today!), hopefully, I can get some work done! However, if life does get in the way, it’s not too much of a problem – I don’t have any really close deadlines (at least, none this week) so I can relax a bit and make up the word count later.

Talk to you tomorrow!


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