Well, it seems I absolutely wiped myself out yesterday. I slept very late this morning, woke up and fell asleep again, went downstairs and fell asleep again… had lunch and retreated to have a lie-down. However, while lying down, I have managed to write a good thousand and a half words (at least, I hope they’re good). The redrafts of this novel are going to be a nightmare, I can already tell, but the initial writing stage is going like a dream so far.

Having given you a quick run-down of Queer Company earlier, and with no energy left to discuss it in more depth just yet (though I do want to pick up on a few things we talked about in panels, at some point), that’s really all I have to say for tonight, so I think I shall be heading to bed soon.

Total written today: 1587 words.

May total so far: 12687 words.

2015 total so far: 92221 words.

Wow – I’m doing pretty well this month, if I say so myself! Talk to you tomorrow, readers.


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