Queer Company I keep…


First of all, let me apologise for the lack of blog post yesterday. Truth be told, having had a wonderful time and then fallen asleep on the train, I got home to watch the VE Day concert thing on TV and then went straight to bed. Today, I keep dozing off. So that’s good fun. I blame getting up at 5.30am yesterday for that.

The event itself, however, was incredible. I met some really lovely people, signed some books(!) and just generally had a wonderful time. I don’t talk about it much on this blog, because it’s not usually particularly relevant, but I suffer from anxiety and PTSD, so travelling a long way to meet strangers and even be involved in a short Q & A was something I had to really talk myself into doing – and I’m so glad I did go – but I needn’t have worried. The whole day was so relaxed and not stressful at all – one of my new friends even said I came across as very confident! That’s not usually how I feel, but yesterday, as I say, went really well.

We had panels on avoiding clichés – and the most horrible things that have come out of avoiding clichés – on Oscar Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray, on writing sex scenes (that one descended into chaos a little bit, but organised, educational-if-somewhat-raucous chaos), and on having a duty of care to our characters. All of them were fascinating, and it was great to have a small, mixed crowd of editors, writers and readers in attendance.

I honestly can’t begin to describe how much fun I had – although I must say I hadn’t been expecting to get fanfiction recommendations and exchange views on the latest Tumblr update while I was there, but I did – and I really hope the lovely people at Manifold Press hold another such event next year.

Right, now I’m going to go and see if I can write some novel before I fall asleep again (I really wiped myself out, it seems!) so I will talk to you later, dear readers!


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