Slowing down!


No excuse, today, really. Went up the market, got drenched, went back to sleep for a bit, and woke up some time later than I’d meant to.

In the end, I got distracted by the TV and such, but I have at least written a few words of the Bowler Hat thing. Seriously, I hope a title leaps out at me at some point. Coming up with titles is the bane of my life.

Total written today: 504 words.

May total so far: 23700 words.

2015 total so far: 103234 words.

Talk to you tomorrow!


5 thoughts on “Slowing down!

  1. Yesterday I didn’t write at all. Which I feel really bad about so I’m planning to make up for it today. I totally agree with you on titles; I hate coming up with them. One of my WIPs is still called by its original title which doesn’t represent the book at all :-/


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