Progress has been made!


Today I’ve just been working on the Bowler Hat project, and once I stopped procrastinating and got down to it, I think I did pretty well. I’ve actually reached the end of Chapter 6 (by my current reckoning – chapters are one of those things that tend to be quite fluid and changeable) of my first draft, almost half the minimum word count I want to reach for the whole novel, and I’ve got plenty of story to go. I actually would have got more done today, but I wandered off to hash out a few more character models on The Sims 4 so I have some nice new visual references for some of the most recent (and upcoming) characters.

I also found out today that I’ve won an eBook from Improbable Press, a new imprint that is about to publish one of the writers I met at Queer Company the other week. I won’t get the book until it comes out in October, but they continue to run a draw for people who like their Facebook page. I think they’re for a slightly more adult market than the things I tend to write, but if you’re into Sherlock Holmes, and particularly if you like to see more than friendship in his relationship with John Watson, it’s worth checking out the link nearer the start of the paragraph.

Total written today: 1309 words.

May total so far: 26760 words.

2015 total so far: 106294 words.

Talk to you tomorrow!


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