Fast fanfiction!


Tonight, having spent most of the day not writing, I checked for reviews on one of my fanfiction accounts and found not only a few reviews, but also a request. Now, my fanfiction readers were reading my writing long before I got even a sniff at an anthology, and I’m indebted to every single one of them, but I’ve been neglecting them horribly of late because I’ve been working on original stuff. So I decided tonight would be a fanfiction night, so I could fill that request and remind my fanfic friends I still love them. Besides, I missed it!

Fast forward about thirty-six minutes and I’d written 700 words, a whole little story to add to one of my short fic collections. So I thought I’d try to cram in maybe two or three hundred words of Bowler Hat novel, too, since it was about twenty-five minutes to midnight. Apparently the muses were smiling on me tonight, because I came out with nearer 800! Hopefully they’re not rubbish.

Total written today: 1699 words.

May total: 33279 words.

2015 total so far: 112891 words.

Talk to you tomorrow!


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