Scaling it back…


I spent most of today helping to make a cake (trust me, I’m as surprised as you are that it turned out well, which I think is entirely down to my excellent co-bakers), so I didn’t get as many words done today as I have for the last few. That said, I didn’t need to, so that’s fine. I’ve done a lot of work on the Bowler Hat project today – both in terms of writing and in terms of finally making Jamie in the Sims 4 so I have a reference image that actually fits in with the others. How do you think I did at transferring him across? (And yes, I edited the makeup in on the new picture, because you can’t put lipstick on men in the Sims 4).

Jamie, in each version

Jamie, in each version.

Anyway, that aside, I did actually do some writing I quite liked, so that’s nice. Tomorrow and Saturday, it’s anyone’s guess how much I’ll get to write, so it’s good to be ahead.

Total written today: 1631 words.

June total so far: 16960 words.

2015 total so far: 129773 words.

Talk to you tomorrow, hopefully!


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