Back on form!


So today I got unleashed on the first installment of my upcoming Caladria franchise, which we’ve been planning out for a while but which has now reached the writing stage. I’m not going to lie, I got excited, had to have a little sleep, wrote one scene and then got too worked up to write the next and changed projects… but I intend to do more tomorrow. And the next day. And the next, and the next, until it’s done.

Other than that, I’ve written a hell of a lot of Bowler Hats. I’m just getting to a turning point in the story (which I was worried about shoehorning in, but which happened quite organically over the course of yesterday and today). And I’m really excited about that, too. I’m hoping the publisher I want to approach will like it, or failing that, that someone else will. Of course, if none of that happens I’ll find a way to get this one out there. I’m still a little disenchanted with The Perfect Garden, but this one I’m a bit proud of, actually. Now if only it had a title!

Total written today: 2299 words.

June total so far: 21405 words.

2015 total so far: 134218 words.

Talk to you tomorrow!


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