Unexpectedly productive…


Apart from a quick discussion about some Caladria-related things this morning, I was pretty sure I wouldn’t get much done today. I just felt really slow and unproductive. However, with the arrival of darkness and a (marginally) cooler temperature, I found myself perking up a bit, although I still didn’t think I’d get my thousand words done for the day. At a quarter to eleven, I’m pretty sure I only had about 500 words, and I’d kind of accepted that I wouldn’t reach my target.

Apparently I just needed to do that, because I then doubled my goal before midnight! Again, it’s been a Bowler Hats kind of night, because I’m racing towards the finish line (I’m currently at 63738 words out of a maximum 70k, and the story’s just wrapping up nicely) before hopefully dedicating my Camp Nano attempt to Caladria-related projects (and possibly a few short stories and fanfictions).

Total written today: 2066 words.

June total so far: 43590 words.

2015 total so far: 156403 words.

Excellent! Talk to you tomorrow!


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