Back in the saddle!


Alright, everybody, did you miss me?

I’m still not 100% back on top of things, but I’m back to writing. I managed just over 500 words of Caladria today, then caved and also wrote a bit of the sequel to the Bowler Hat project (I… couldn’t resist, and it makes me happy). I’m still avoiding looking at the first one, so it can settle before I edit it, but my writing group assure me this isn’t cheating. I’m still really excited about these characters, so I thought I’d use that. Much as I love the Caladria project I’m working on, it’s a lot more rigidly-planned, so I’m trying to mix it up with some more spontaneous writing. That should keep things feeling more natural on both projects, I hope!

Total written today: 1321 words.

July total so far: 7310 words.

2015 total so far: 163762 words.

Talk to you tomorrow, when normal service should hopefully resume! Thanks for sticking around.


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