Editing and sprinting


One of the ladies on my writing group always does some sprinting (the writing sort) on a Sunday, so I jumped in on that today and got some of the Bowler Hat sequel written. It moved me past the block I’d hit, and I now have a clearer idea of the story arc one of the characters is going to follow. Yay!

However, I only spent about 40 minutes writing today, because I got my head down and set about editing Bowler Hats with gusto. I’ve got to the beginning of chapter 14 (of 19 chapters) – although I’ve been a bit sleepy for the last hour or so, so I’d better double check the last few tomorrow! Good progress has been made.

Although it still doesn’t have a proper title…

Total written today: 1378 words.

August total so far: 5740 words.

2015 total so far: 188209 words.

Talk to you tomorrow!


4 thoughts on “Editing and sprinting

  1. Titles are one of my biggest struggles as well. Once in a blue moon a title will spring to mind but most of the time my stories have a place holder for quite some time. It can get very frustrating I find.


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