Back at work…


…Still very pathetic and ill. Didn’t manage to write anything that wasn’t a product description, but hopefully soon…!

Talk to you tomorrow!


And the illness continues


Today was spent mostly sleeping, feeling like death, and trying to convince myself that my continued fluiness isn’t going to make tomorrow’s return to work hell. Can’t take any more days off, I feel guilty enough as it is!

So writing today was a bust, I’m afraid. I’d like to get more done by month’s end… We’ll see!

Talk to you soon!

After my absence…


Sorry, everyone. I got sick again (worse and fluier this time) and literally haven’t turned my computer on for two days. I know, right? I got a lot of colouring done.

Anyway, I’m still feeling horrible, but today I decided to start my first piece for A Certain Persuasion (see previous post) and got a bit carried away – I’d written 1670 words before I even realised it.

I did a bit of an edit on Bowler Hats, too – I think I’m going to wait for one or two more betas to feed back, adjust accordingly, and then see what the publishers think of it.

Total written today: 2047 words.

September total so far: 11224 words.

2015 total so far: 228155 words.

Talk to you soon!



Well, I got a beta feedback report in this morning – very helpful, very detailed, it’s going to take a while to go through and really process it all but it’s good stuff. Apart from that, however, I’ve written nothing and edited nothing, although I have discussed a few things for A Certain Persuasion with a friend and got some ideas stirred up a bit.

Oh! I was going to share the call for submissions. I’m not going to lie, I should have been in bed like an hour ago, so I’ll just leave the link here and say that it’s an LGBTQIA+ Jane Austen anthology for Manifold Press, who did A Pride of Poppies. Wahey! Should be fun.

Talk to you tomorrow!

A decent day


Today I got a lot of work done and came up with a new idea about the Manifold anthology (more info about that tomorrow, I must remember to share it with you) during my lunch break, but ended up writing Bowler Hat sequel when I got home. More planning to do before I can start on the anthology story, I think.

Total written today: 529 words.

September total so far: 8992 words.

2015 total so far: 225923 words.

Talk to you tomorrow!

Not as much as I’d hoped…


…But I have written!

I’ve also picked the brains of the internet and my poor long-suffering friend Xan, on the subject of Arabic names and Islam. I have a grand total of one particularly religious character so far and I am going to write them as accurately as possible!

As usual, I’ve been working on Bowler Hats. I must remember to look out my ideas for the upcoming Manifold Press anthology at some point, too – maybe I can get some of that written in my lunch-breaks this week. While eating leftover party food. Because I’m cool like that.

Anyway, it’s a great relief to have written something! I’ve been getting itchy typing fingers.

Total written today: 1148 words.

September total so far: 8463 words.

2015 total so far: 225394 words.

Talk to you tomorrow!

I live!


Well, after all the preparations over the last few weeks, the big party was today and although the start was a bit frantic, it was a great party.

It’s wiped me out completely, so I intend to spend tomorrow in bed, catching up on both sleep and writing.

Sorry about the lack of posts recently – party prep really has been intense. Normal service should now resume.

Talk to you tomorrow!