Oops, my bad.


I wrote 16 words yesterday (half a sentence of BH2) and forgot to blog at all. Sorry!

Today was a little more productive (despite possibly having a few microsleeps at work). BH2 again. So close to the end (and there are some nice fluffy moments coming back in I think).

Total written today: 260 words.

October total so far: 6630 words.

2015 total so far: 234785 words.

Tomorrow I have the day off to go for an appointment a couple of towns over. I’ll be reading on the train (another of Charlie Cochrane’s wonderful Cambridge Fellows stories), but I hope to get some writing done when I get back. Can’t waste the day, after all! (That said, I intend to have a lie-in and then after that it all depends on how the appointment goes).

Talk to you tomorrow!


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