No writing…


OK, I’m a bad NaNoer. I’ll catch up at some point, I expect, but today was a lot about taking care of myself and not overdoing it. I had a really good mental health day yesterday but I was a bit wobbly today to make up for it, so I pretty much vegged out (is that how you spell it? Is it even a word?) and had a lot of sleep and watched about 5 episodes of Downton Abbey back-to-back with my sister and our nan. Sometimes that’s just as important as getting some words done – even in November.

That said, I do mean to catch up. I have another day off on Thursday thanks to my slimmed down schedule, so I might spend that making some headway. The story I’m working on at the moment is giving me some grief, so I’m going to try to round that off quickly (it was never going to stretch to 10k) and move on to another of my ideas. Which one? Well, only the Random Number Generator can tell…

Talk to you tomorrow (if I’m not wiped out).


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