Great progress!


Sorry for the last couple of days. I have been slacking, especially on the blog posts. I gave up on NaNo this year a while back, but I did want to write 20k this month (up from my initial target of 10k) and I crossed that today. Hurrah! Well done to all those of you soldiering on, and those who’ve already completed NaNo.

However, I have successfully written today – a little bit of fanfiction, and quite a lot of a whole new project which involves a combination of comic strips and novel – and I’ve also sorted out a major stumbling block on BH3, which is probably what I’ll start working on soon.

As for my plans in the immediate future, I’m still waiting to hear back from one last beta reader on BH1 – he’s disappeared from the internet slightly of late, so I’m hoping he’s alright – and then I plan to submit it. Terrifying but exciting stuff. Then there’s BH3 and the first edit pass of BH2, but I’m also starting to reread Emma ready to work on my first idea for A Certain Persuasion. I’ve already started on my second idea, because I’m a pain like that.

That said, I have work tomorrow so I should probably have been in bed a while back, so I’ll give you my totals and bid you adieu.

Total written today: 1501 words.

November total so far: 21265 words.

2015 total so far: 259869 words.

Talk to you soon!


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