Busy day!


Well, the family came over today for a bit of a mini-Christmas seeing as we’re expecting a new addition any time from now to the big Christmas day itself – my niece. It was a really lovely day, actually, and as usual we all ate so much food we nearly exploded. It makes me a bit sad about how far away the ‘real’ Christmas is!

Anyway, today I submitted BH1 to a publisher. They’ve got a lot of backlog to get through, I think, so I’ve been warned not to expect an instant response. I’m really nervous – and I need to work out how to do a bit more formatting in Scrivener when I compile things in it – but excited, too. I’d love to work with this particular publisher more, and I’d love to get BH1 published. Yes, I also have three other books in the works with these characters, but if BH1 gets picked up and subsequent books don’t, I have no problem whatsoever with publishing the rest as fanfiction online. If BH1 doesn’t get picked up by this publisher, I’ll have to try elsewhere. So we’ll see!

No writing today, I’m afraid, but I hope this news makes up for that!

Talk to you tomorrow!


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