A good day!


I got a lot of A Certain Persuasion done – 171 words of which were before I went to bed early this morning! I’m off to bed now, having written quite a lot, and I hope to write similar amounts on one project or another over the next few days to catch up to my desired wordcount (I’m sort of informally hoping to write 1100 per day this year on average).

Worryingly, I’m fast coming up on the maximum wordcount for a single story in this anthology, but not the end of the story – I’ll finish it and edit it down later, I think, rather than trying to mess about with the pacing before it’s done. It’ll all be alright in the end!

Total written today: 1543 words.

January total so far: 5155 words.

2016 total so far: 5155 words.

Talk to you tomorrow!


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