Slower progress


I didn’t get as much done today as yesterday – I had a bit of washing up to do and it took longer than anticipated – but I did get something done. Again, I’ve been editing the first Bowler Hat novel (and you know what, with most of the changes suggested, things are falling into place a lot better than they did the first time around) – but before I got going on that I made sure to write 500 words or so of A Certain Persuasion. The plan was to stop editing a little early and do another 500, but I got caught up in the Bowler Hat madness, so it didn’t happen.

Word count is one thing, but editing the novel seems just as important right now. It’s less quantifiable, but just as satisfying to get done. I ran through nearly three chapters tonight, which won’t change the world but has substantially improved the story (I hope!) – so if I come in a little under par in terms of word count this month, well, I won’t be crying about it.

Total written today: 575 words.

January total so far: 18511 words.

2016 total so far: 18511 words.

Talk to you tomorrow!


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