Advancing on all fronts


Today I dabbled with a lot of different projects. It’s been that kind of day.

First, I finished what I’m going to call my “lightning pass” edit on BH1. The basic idea was to whizz through it and make some of the bigger changes now, even just in rough form, before the editing started to get more and more scary as I overthought it. The next stage will be leaving it for a bit, then going through it again like a normal edit pass to neaten it up and shine up the rough patch.

I also reached what might be the end of my story for A Certain Persuasion, although I’m not quite happy with the ending yet. That took me about 500 words.

And finally, I added another scene to Prince Richard’s Choice, and I’m hoping to spend a bit more time on that for a while to let the ACP piece sit. As predicted, the characters are now all but unrecognisable from The Perfect Garden, but I like these sort-of new people.

Total written today: 1233 words.
January total so far: 19744 words.
2016 total so far: 19744 words.

Talk to you tomorrow!


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