A rewrite begins


I will admit that I spent a fair amount of today sleeping and eating chocolate (though not at the same time). However, tonight I managed to rewrite one of three short sections of my submission to A Certain Persuasion, and while I love the scene I just rewrote infinitely more in its current form, I’m a little annoyed about it. You see, there’s a character who briefly appears before their unfortunate death towards the beginning of the story, and this scene is making me get to know – and therefore like – them more. Now I feel guilty and my heart aches. Anyway, the scene could use a bit more work, I think, but until I sort out the other two parts I won’t know quite what needs changing in the first one.

Total written today: 553 words.

March total so far: 1841 words.

2016 total so far: 22078 words.

Talk to you tomorrow!


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