Time flies…


Hi, everyone!

Sorry it’s been a while again – I really need to set an alarm to remind me to blog each day, like the one to remind me to take my pill-

Oh, rats.

Right, now I’ve taken my pill, I can bring you up to speed on what I’ve been up to. Mostly, I have been working on redrafting an old book. I bullet-pointed the sequence of events, and I’ve started rewriting from those bullet points (with occasional glances at the first draft).

So far, I’m on chapter one. Oops. I got distracted by remaking most of my characters on The Sims, but in my defence I’ve learned a great deal about some of the secondary characters in the process.

This weekend is likely to be hectic (in good ways) so I may be a bit absent again for a bit, but I’ll try not to disappear for too long this time.

Talk to you soon!


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