A good start?


Hi, everyone!

Well, it’s day one of the new spreadsheet (technically I started yesterday, but I only wrote 83 words) and I think it’s gone alright. I took a detour to work more on my blurb – I still have no idea what I’m doing, but I have some great friends who’re helping me out with pointers and advice – but I still managed to get 729 words done.

I’d hoped to finish off the POV section I was on, but I didn’t quite manage that. It’s a little disappointing, but in my defence I have spent a large part of the day just trying not to melt! Tomorrow, I shall try again.

Oh – and I wrote a good 200 words of notes on a tangential piece of backstory for a secondary character. Eh, I’ll count that as a win.

Talk to you tomorrow!


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